What to know about helicopters?

Welcome to the world of helicopters. We have dedicated this site to all helicopter lovers and those who will love to read all about them. For starters, a helicopter is a type of gyroplane that moves by the thrust supplied by a rotor. This thrust is manipulated to move the helicopter in a different direction – this is the reason a helicopter can move vertically, forwards and backwards.

Why are helicopters important?

The invention of helicopters brought new ways of solving many problems. With the use of helicopters, doctors can now reach areas that are hard to get to with ambulances to rescue injured or sick people. Military personnel also use helicopters to extract wounded soldiers from hot zones. Helicopters have attributes that can be used in isolated or congested areas where fixed-winged aircrafts simply cannot.

Design features for Helicopters

The helicopter has different features that work together to make it function. These features are 1. Engines: The type, size and number of the engine/engines used on a helicopter makes up the size, function and capability of the helicopter. The first type of engines were not powerful, but after the introduction of internal combustion engines, the power of the engines available to helicopters continue to grow.

2. Rotor System: The rotor system makes up the rotating section of a helicopter that creates lift. This part may be fitted horizontally to provide lift or vice versa to balance the torque from the main rotors. The rotor has several parts that function as one 3. Flight controls: There are four flight controls found on a helicopter and they work together to help manipulate the movement of the helicopter.